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Costa Verde Express - Route: Green Spain Route - Bilbao to Santiago de Compostela


6 Days

Physical rate


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May 2024 / October 2024

Cities to visit: Bilbao, Cantabria (Santander), Llanes, Oviedo, Luarca, Viveiro, Santiago De Compostela

Detailed day by day description


Dear Traveler: thank you for choosing us to perform this Tour! We hope you enjoy your trip.

Here we give you a guidance on their tour with the information that we believe may be of your interest. The information is indicative, may exist variations on designated hours.

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Reception in Bilbao–Concordia Station at 10:00 h on board the train,
presentation of the crew, and settling in. Panoramic tour of the city and visit to
the Guggenheim Museum. Lunch on board while the train heads towards
Santander. In the afternoon, tour of the city, free time, and dinner in one of the
city’s restaurants. Overnight stay in Santander.
While we have breakfast on board the train, we will travel to Cabezón de la Sal,
where our coach will take us to visit the Altamira Neocave and the medieval town
of Santillana del Mar. Lunch in Santillana del Mar. After lunch, the train will take
us into the Asturias region as far as Llanes, tour. Dinner on board the train and
overnight stay in Llanes.
After breakfast, our coach will take us to the first Capital of the Asturian
Kingdom, Cangas de Onís, then we will enter the heart of the Picos de Europa
mountains; Covadonga Sanctuary, and Lake Enol. We will return thereafter to
the train to head towards Oviedo while having dinner. Tour of Oviedo. Dinner
and overnight stay in Oviedo.
After breakfast we will tour Gijon, a dynamic city open to the sea, free time, and
lunch in Gijon. In the afternoon, we will travel to Luarca, tour, dinner on board
the train, and overnight stay in Luarca.
While having breakfast we will travel to Ribadeo, the first Galician locality on our
route. Tour, free time, and lunch in Ribadeo. In the afternoon, we will travel by
train to Viveiro. Tour, dinner, and overnight stay in Viveiro.
On our last day, during breakfast we will travel to Ferrol, where we will say
goodbye to the crew and take our coach to the Galician capital, Santiago de
Compostela. Tour and lunch in El Parador de los Reyes Católicos, where our trip
will end around 16:00 h.

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