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Patagonia without borders


10 Days

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January 2022 / December 2022

Cities to visit: Santiago De Chile, Valparaiso, Viña Del Mar, Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales, El Calafate, Santa Cruz, Buenos Aires,

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Welcome to Santiago!

Transportation from Santiago airport to your hotel (Private Service).
After your arrival, you will be transferred to your hotel to rest before starting your excursion in Santiago.

Half-Day Excursion in Santiago (Shared Service) =

We invite you to visit Santiago, a cosmopolitan city that stands as one of the most modern in South America.
Defined by relevant international media as a surprising destination, Santiago is a cosmopolitan and vibrant capital that perfectly combines tradition and modernity. The tour will allow you to know the origin of the city and emblematic places such as the Plaza de Armas, the Cathedral, the Post Office, and the Municipality of Santiago. You will also visit La Moneda Palace, the seat of government, and the most traditional neighborhoods of the historic center. The excursion also includes a visit to Santa Lucía Hill, called Huelén by the native people, a true urban oasis in the middle of the city center. There you will learn more about the history of Chile and enjoy privileged views of the capital. After getting to know historic Santiago, we will arrive at Barrio Lastarria, known for its cultural, heritage, and gastronomic offer. The second part of the tour will take you to the eastern part of the capital, where the financial heart of Santiago is located, known for its modern buildings, imposing glass towers, and works of outstanding national architects.

Accommodation in selected hotel in Santiago.
Meals included: None.
Full Day Excursion in Valparaiso & Viña del Mar (Shared Service) =

Known as "Garden City" for being surrounded initially by large green areas and preserving beautiful and extensive gardens in its urban area, Viña del Mar is undoubtedly one of the must-see destinations in Chile, with the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop. It stands out for the beauty of its architecture, its imposing palaces, and its famous Flower Clock, photographed by hundreds of visitors worldwide. During the excursion, you will have the option of having lunch at a restaurant in the city, where you can find various possibilities with delicious seafood.

We will travel along the coastline, where you will be able to appreciate breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean until we reach Valparaiso, the main port of the country. Its colorful beauty and its unique location among hills, like an actual natural amphitheater facing the sea, earned it the declaration of World Heritage Site by Unesco. Next, we will visit Cerro Alegre, where you will appreciate the magic of this city, with its panoramic elevators, multicolored neighborhoods, and unforgettable views of the sea.

Then it will be the turn of Plaza Sotomayor, where the Monument to the Heroes of Iquique is located. Once in the port, you will have the option of sailing along the bay of Valparaiso, appreciating its hills and colors from another perspective.

AAccommodationat selected hotel in Santiago.
Meals included: Breakfast.
Transportation from your hotel to Santiago airport (Private Service).

We will take you back to the airport based on your flight schedule. *FLIGHT FROM SANTIAGO TO PUNTA ARENAS / NOT INCLUDED*.

Public bus from Punta Arenas airport to Puerto Natales (Shared Service).

As soon as you pick up your luggage and are ready to leave the airport, go to the main exit and wait for your bus to Puerto Natales at the indicated bus station. Once in Puerto Natales, our staff will help you with your luggage to the hotel.

Transportation from Puerto Natales bus station to the hotel (Private Service).

Once in Puerto Natales, an unguided transport will pick you up to take you to your hotel.

Lodging at selected hotel in Puerto Natales.
Meals included: Breakfast.
Full day excursion in Torres del Paine (Shared Service) =

Departure from the hotel in Puerto Natales for a full day visit to Torres del Paine National Park. In the province of Ultima Esperanza National Park, Torres del Paine receives visitors from all over the world, captivated by its incredible scenic beauty. The tour begins early in the morning, crossing the Milodon Cave Natural Monument, a paleontological and archaeological site located 24 km from Puerto Natales, and holds a fascinating story about the first inhabitants of the province and the discovery of a prehistoric animal in 1895. Then, the route continues to "Lago Pehoe," considered one of the ten most beautiful lakes in the world.

Continue to Salto Grande (waterfall 12 meters high), then visit the viewpoint of "Lago Nordenskjöld," in front of the Paine horns. The route continues with a visit to the "Cascada Paine," "Lago Sarmiento," and "Laguna Amarga," places of outstanding natural value, and virgin postcards of the Torres del Paine National Park. Return to Puerto Natales.

Lodging at selected hotel in Puerto Natales.
Meals included: Breakfast and box lunch.
Tour includes Entrance to the Milodon Cave, Torres del Paine National Park.
Today you will have the possibility to explore Patagonia as you prefer. FREE DAY. We would also like to suggest full-day navigation in the Bernardo O'higgins National Park. Please ask separately for the price to add the excursion.

Full-day excursion in Torres del Paine (Shared Service) - Activity NOT INCLUDED = Walk from the hotel to the pier (walking distance). Your local guide will help you with the check-in for the navigation. Once you embark, the SIB navigation begins towards the Última Esperanza fjord to Bernardo O'Higgins National Park. The destinations are the Balmaceda and Serrano glaciers. During the trip, the history of Puerto Natales (Frigorífico Bories National History Monument) is narrated, and then we will head to the Cascada de Los Cóndores and the cliffs. Next, the trip continues to Mount Balmaceda, where you will see the Glacier. Then we continue along the route and disembark at Puerto Toro to begin a hike through a native forest of coigües, ñirres, and ciruelillos until we almost reach the wall of the Serrano Glacier.
Once on the boat, you will enjoy a snack with ice taken from the Glacier. Next, you will enjoy a typical lamb roast at the Consuelo ranch on the way back. Finally, after witnessing a unique, wild, and untouched landscape, you will complete the anchorage navigation in Puerto Natales.

Overnight at selected hotel in Puerto Natales.
Meals included: Breakfast.
Transportation from your hotel to the bus station in Puerto Natales (Private Service).

We will take you to the bus station in Puerto Natales based on your bus schedule.

Public bus from Puerto Natales to El Calafate (Shared Service).

This morning, we will accompany you to the bus station where you will start your trip to El Calafate, Argentina. This scenic trip takes approximately 6 to 7 hours. Unfortunately, customs paperwork may delay the journey.

Transportation from the bus station in El Calafate to your hotel (Private Service)

Once in El Calafate, we will take you to your hotel, where you will spend the night.

Accommodation in selected hotel in El Calafate.
Meals included: Breakfast.
Full-Day Excursion to Perito Moreno Glacier (Shared Service)=

Departure by route No. 11, bordering the Argentino Lake. From El Calafate to the Perito Moreno Glacier is a distance of 80 km, on a paved road in its entirety. From the beginning, the trip offers pleasant surprises. Leaving the town, on the right, we can see Lake Argentino with its Bahía Redonda (Round Bay). Here you can appreciate an essential variety of birdlife, especially the black-necked swan, flamingo, steamer duck, coot, and cauquen. The yellow color of the countryside stands out due to its grasses called coirón, and among them, the white and small coirón stands out.

In the first 40 km, we travel through the Patagonian steppe, passing later to the entrance of the National Park to observe the arboreal vegetation mainly belonging to the "notofagus" family (ñires, guindos, lengas) and one or another cinnamon tree, and flowers of different colors, among which the notro stands out for its intense red color, corresponding to the Andean Patagonian Forest. Arrival to "the curve of the sighs" is called this way because it is the first point from where we have a panoramic view of the Perito Moreno Glacier. Brief stop to take pictures and continue to Puerto Bajo las Sombras. Here there is the possibility of doing the Safari Nautical Navigation along the southern arm of the Canal de Los Témpanos to have different views of the wall of the Perito Moreno Glacier.

-----Navigation Safari Nautical Safari (Shared Service) - Activity NOT INCLUDED= This activity is an ideal complement to the tour of the Perito Moreno Glacier. It will allow us to appreciate this wonder of nature very closely. We will sail from the port of Bajo de las Sombras Bay, 7 km from the glacier's footbridges, to the glacier's south side. On the way, we will contemplate the fall of the ice blocks until we reach the southern point of the Los Témpanos channel until we reach a point 300 m from the south wall of the glacier, where we will stop to admire its grandeur.

Overnight at selected hotel in El Calafate.
Meals included: Breakfast and box lunch.
Tour includes Entrance to Perito Moreno National Park.
Full day excursion in Los Glaciares (Shared service) =

From the hotel to the port of Punta Bandera, 50 km approx. From El Calafate, where we embark. Once onboard, we will sail along the northern arm of the Argentinean Lake until we reach the Upsala Channel, where we will find a spectacular iceberg barrier. If the location of the icebergs allows us, we will be able to approach the glacier wall. Then we will navigate through the Spegazzini Channel, where we will observe the Dry Glacier reach the front of the Spegazzini Glacier, the highest in the National Park. We continue navigations until we disembark in front of the Spegazzini Glacier, in the mountain refuge, for an hour and a half.

There is a short path to walk along the forest and time to enjoy the mountain and the glacier from the beach lake, offering a privileged panoramic view. It is accessible and of low complexity.

Accommodation in selected hotel in El Calafate.
Meals included: Breakfast.
Tour includes Entrance to Los Glaciares National Park.
Transportation from your hotel to El Calafate airport (Shared Service).
We will take you to El Calafate airport based on your flight schedule. *FLIGHT FROM EL CALAFATE TO BUENOS AIRES / NOT INCLUDED*.

Transportation from Buenos Aires airport to the hotel (Private Service).
Once in Buenos Aires, we will take you to your hotel.

Half-day tour of Buenos Aires (Shared Service) =
In an unforgettable route, we will live all the magic of Buenos Aires. These few hours have all the magic of the capital of Argentina. In this complete overview of the so-called Paris of South America, we will visit the charming neighborhoods of Recoleta and its famous cemetery, Palermo, Plaza de Mayo, and the Casa Rosada, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the modern and spacious area of Puerto Madero, and many other emblematic buildings and palaces of unique architectural, historical and cultural value. The visit would not be complete without the sights of the first settlements of the city of Buenos Aires. The picturesque neighborhood of San Telmo, the residence of the porteño aristocracy until the end of the 19th century and where the famous antique market is held every Sunday; the picturesque street of Caminito, in the colorful Italian immigrant neighborhood of La Boca.

Accommodation in selected hotel in Buenos Aires.
Meals included: Breakfast.
Transportation from your hotel to Buenos Aires airport (Private Service).

We will take you to the airport in Buenos Aires based on your flight schedule. **End of services

Meals included: Breakfast.

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