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Ecuador & Galapagos - 15 days


15 Days

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January 2022 / December 2022

Cities to visit: Quito, Otavalo, Tena, Baños, Quilotoa, Cotopaxi, Isla Baltra, Isla Santa Cruz, Guayaquil,

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Here we give you a guidance on their tour with the information that we believe may be of your interest. The information is indicative, may exist variations on designated hours.

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Transfer Quito (airport-hotel) - Mariscal Sucre Airport.
Private transportation with driver in Spanish. Transfer Airport-Hotel.

Overnight in Quito.

Included: transportation, guide.
Middle of the World Tour and Quito's Historic Center:
Ecuador is history, fascinating indigenous cultures, slow and winding rivers, lush tropical forests, spectacular views of snow-capped volcanoes, and some of the most exciting wildlife on the planet. We will begin in "La Mitad del Mundo", a town located 30 minutes north of Quito, where a monument indicates that it is the closest crossing of the equator line to the city. Archaeological evidence shows that both pre-Inca and Inca pre-Columbian cultures recognized and celebrated the equinox, that is, the time when the sun is directly over the equator. In the morning we will take a 45-minute drive over the northwest of the equator and over the crater rim of the Pululahua volcano. Then we will visit "The City of the Middle of the World", which is a group of buildings that explains the meaning of the place in the Initñam Solar Museum, located very close to the Equator. Here you will have the opportunity to place one foot in each hemisphere at the same time.
Back in Quito, after lunch, we will visit the colonial center of the city, which was the first to be named a World Cultural Heritage Site. We will start at the Plaza de la Independencia where we will see the Government Palace and some of the most important churches built around the 16th and 17th centuries, including La Compañía, the Monastery of San Francisco, which was begun 5 days after the city was founded in 1534.

Overnight in Quito.

Included: breakfast, excursion, lunch, transportation, entrance fee(s), guide, lodging.
Otavalo Excursion (Plazas de Ponchos):
The Plaza de Ponchos in Otavalo is famous for its handicraft work and is a must-stop for all visitors to the northern Andes of Ecuador. Here, under the watchful eye of the majestic Imbabura Volcano, visitors will find tranquility and harmony typical of this mainly Quichua-speaking region. We leave early in the morning, heading north along the Panamerican Highway towards the Otavalo market, one of the most famous markets in the Andes. Arriving at the famous handicraft market known as "Plaza de Ponchos", the market is full of interesting colorful objects and handicrafts. Remember to bargain, but only if you are interested. The market is held every day in one of the squares of the city. While in town we will visit Peguche or Cotacachi.

Private transportation with a driver in Spanish from Quito to Otavalo.

Overnight in Quito.

Included: Breakfast, transportation, guide, lodging.
Arrive at the Lodge in the afternoon where you can simply enjoy the facilities of our Lodge or The adventure can begin now! as you can explore the 120-hectare reserve where you will find a cozy white sand beach on the banks of the great Inchillaqui River, a tropical garden, the protected forest that belongs to the Lodge, and the beautiful palm-shaped pool of 27m long by 22m wide.

Overnight in Tena.

Included: transportation, lodging with breakfast, dinner, excursion, local guide, lunch, dinner (without drinks), insurance.
Day 2: Local Market in Tena - Canoe Tour - Jungle Hikes - "AmaZOOnico" Animal Rescue Center - Indigenous Community (B/L/D/F)
Indigenous Community (B/L/D/F) You will start your day with a balanced breakfast containing coffee, homemade bread, eggs, and fruits or granola. Accompanied by your guide, you will enter the largest forest in the world, the Amazon Rainforest. You will go to the capital Tena to discover the local markets with their specialties, finding exotic and local fruits and vegetables such as mangoes, bananas, cassava or guayusa. You will have the possibility to taste different products among these the Chontacuro, which is a culinary specialty in this area and is offered roasted or live. Guayusa leaves are used to prepare tea and are known for their ability to limit hunger. You can learn about the use of "hojas de bijao" this afternoon, but feel free to purchase them for your own use. Additionally, you will find "Sangre de drago" a liquid extracted from the bark of the trees used to heal wounds, stomach ulcers, devitalize germs and fungi in many South American countries. After this first experience, you will continue to your second stop, the wide and formidable Napo River. In this region it is possible to move only by canoe, so you are going to do it! Once the tour is over you will begin a walk through the jungle and the protected forest "Selva Viva" with an approximate duration of 2 hours. During this time your guide will explain to you about the world of insects and flora within this area, you will be able to observe the impressive and unique strangler vine that wraps itself around the trees and then kills them, walking palms that move 10 centimeters per year, the Ceibo, the giant tree of the jungle with its impressive roots and the lemon ants which can be part of your meal, if you wish!

Night in Tena.

Included: accommodation with breakfast, lunch, excursion, local guide, dinner.
Your time at the lodge has come to an end. Once you have enjoyed breakfast you will still have time to walk around, relax by the pool or in a hammock or take part in an extra cost excursion, such as chocolate making.

Check out at noon.

Overnight in Baños.

Included: Breakfast, transportation, guide, lodging.
Free day to explore the city.

Night in Baños.

Included: accommodation with breakfast.
Quilotoa Lagoon:
We will visit the crater of the Quillotoa volcano, where we will be able to appreciate the serene and mysterious green lake in the center of the crater. We will have the option of a short hike of approximately 1.7 km along the crater rim. On the way back, we will stop to visit the art galleries in the community of Tigua, where we can appreciate paintings representative of the folklore of this part of the Andes. The naïve style is characterized by the use of bright colors made by the painters of the area, currently the third generation, which has transcended local borders and is recognized internationally.

Overnight in Cotopaxi.

Included: Breakfast, transportation, guide, excursion, entrance fee(s), lodging.
Cotopaxi National Park Excursion:
We will visit Cotopaxi National Park where, weather permitting, you will enjoy the view of the peaks of the Cotopaxi and Antisana volcanoes. We will also visit the Mariscal Sucre Interpretation Center to learn about the history of the major eruptions of this volcano, as well as the local flora and fauna. Afterwards, we will visit the Limpiopungo Lagoon and explore the surrounding area on foot. If you prefer a longer hike and feel up to it, we can reach the J. Ribas refuge at 4800 meters above sea level on Cotopaxi, where you will enjoy a spectacular view of the volcano, the surrounding area and the Andean peaks.

Overnight in Quito.

Included: breakfast, transportation, guide, excursion, lodging.
Transfer Quito (airport-hotel) - Mariscal Sucre Airport
Private transportation with driver in Spanish. Transfer Airport-Hotel.

Highlands Pto Ayora Excursion:
The guide will pick you up at the airport or hotel to start the visit to the highlands. You will visit shelters for giant tortoises, lava tunnels, and twins which are geological formations formed by collapse over time. One of our visits is El Chato, which offers the opportunity to marvel at the famous Galapagos giant tortoise roaming in its natural habitat. Depending on your energy level you will have the option to visit geological formations such as a natural lava tunnel or "Twin Craters", located in the Scalezia area of the island, which is a great place for bird watching such as Darwin's finches, Galapagos Island pigeons and cattle egrets.

Overnight in Santa Cruz.

Included: transportation, guide, entrance fee(s), lunch, lodging with breakfast.
Half-day excursion to Bay Exploration (shared excursion):
This morning we will join the Puerto Ayora Bay Exploration, at the main dock, we will have a quick 10-minute sail to Loberia Island, named after the colony of sea lions that inhabit there. This small island is an excellent place to snorkel among turtles and a variety of colorful fish, and to play with the always friendly and inquisitive sea lions. Our next stop will be a walk to the Túnel del Amor (Tunnel of Love) with a great viewpoint from where you can see resting white tip sharks. On the way back we will visit the Punta Estrada pier, where we will take a walk to observe marine iguanas.

Overnight in Santa Cruz.

Included: local guide, transportation, lodging with breakfast.
Free day to explore the area.

Overnight in Santa Cruz.

Included: accommodation with breakfast.
Tortuga Bay:
Walk to the beautiful Tortuga Bay beach where you can see marine iguanas, swim, snorkel, or just relax on the sandy beach Turtle Bay is a beautiful white sand beach, so-called because it is a nesting site for the black turtle. Charles Darwin Research Station We will visit the Charles Darwin Research Station, where all scientific research in the Galapagos Islands is carried out. In these offices, the most sensitive research projects have been born, such as the conservation and preservation of giant tortoises and iguanas.
preservation of giant tortoises and marine iguanas. Walking through the core of the Research Center, we will find pens where the giant tortoises are housed for breeding projects, as well as pens where the land iguanas are studied. It also has part of the collection of samples collected by the scientist Charles Darwin and that belong to the institution that bears his name.

Overnight in Santa Cruz.

Included: guide, excursion, lodging with breakfast.
Transfer Out. Arrival in Guayaquil.
Transfer Guayaquil (airport-hotel).

Night in Guayaquil.

Included: transportation, accommodation with breakfast.
Transfer Guayaquil (airport-hotel)

Included: transportation, breakfast.

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