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Imperial Russia from Beijing to Moscow


15 Days

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June 2021 / August 2022

Cities to visit: Beijing, Ulan Bator, Ulán-Udé, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Ekaterimburgo, Kazan, Moscow,

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Arrive in Beijing today, where you will be met at the airport and transferred to your hotel. You can choose to enjoy your down time at your hotel room or wander explore the streets and taste the delicious Chinese food in all its variations. Beijing is home to millions of small shops and street traders, the place to shop for souvenirs and bargains. Later today you will enjoy your dinner. We recommend the guests to arrive before afternoon on Day 1 as depending on the train departure time on Day 3, some excursions can be passed to Day 1.
After breakfast you head to one of the most powerful symbols of ancient Chinese civilization – the Great Wall of China, stretching 9000 km. It took more than one million people and ten years to build the Great Wall of China, designed as a defensive structure. You can walk along the wall, through the watchtowers and enjoy superb views as it snakes across the hills and mountains. In the afternoon you are back in Beijing to visit the Summer Palace.
After breakfast you will visit the Forbidden City, the Tiananmen Square and the Hutongs. The Forbidden City was home to 24 emperors between 1368 and 1911. Tian’anmen Square is the largest city square in the centre of Beijing, named after the Tiananmen (literally, Gate of Heavenly Peace) which sits to its north, separating it from the Forbidden City. Today board the Chinese charter train to start your journey!
Your train pulls towards the Mongolian-Chinese border. Erlian, the border town, is nothing more than a military post. After boarding formalities, you leave the Chinese train and are finally welcomed onboard the "Imperial Russia" train that will become your home until your arrival in Moscow.
After arrival in Ulan Bator, you will leave for Terelj National Park. You will be introduced to the nomadic way of life of many Mongolians today. When reached Ger Camp in a remote area at Terelj National Park, explore its most beautiful landscapes on the tour of the National Park. Enjoy a hike to the Buddhist temple. Tonight you will sleep in gers (traditional Mongolian yurt) and enjoy traditional Mongolian dinner.
Today you travel back to Mongolian capital to explore this historic city. You will visit the Gandan abbey, and the National Museum of Mongolia. Enjoy a stunning Mongolian cultural performance including the famous throat singing. Tonight you are welcome back onboard the "Imperial Russia" train.
"Imperial Russia" train will stop in Ulan-Ude today, the capital of Buryatia. A special spiritual experience is a visit to an active datsan that is today on your program during the city tour. Be a guest to the locals who will welcome you in a traditional yurt. Here you learn how to cook traditional "pozy", play dice, wear traditional costume, and assemble a yurt. Another perspective on the Buryats’ culture is a colorful and spectacular folklore program that you will enjoy here. Later in the evening board "Imperial Russia" to continue your voyage.
Standing on the shores of Lake Baikal, you can’t help being awestruck with admiration by the wonder created by nature itself. It is the deepest Lake in the world that contains the fifth part of the Earth’s fresh water. After breakfast, board a motor ship to sail on the waters of the Baikal to the village of Listvyanka. Here you will visit the unique museum dedicated to the flora and fauna of the Lake. Not to be missed is the observation point at the Cherssky Stone with a stunning view on the Lake and the Angara river. After a visit to a local market, the journey continues along the original route of the Trans-Siberian Railway for several hours directly along the shore of Lake Baikal. Your train will stop at a particular spot for you to enjoy the majestic lake and a barbeque dinner.
Our train arrives in Irkutsk today, one of the largest cities in Siberia. This city has preserved quite a few historical buildings and monuments. During the city tour you will see picturesque wooden houses, visit the Decembrists’ House that will unfold the story of the failed uprising of Russian aristocracy who were exiled to this city. After lunch do not miss the opportunity to visit an open-air museum located in the picturesque place of the river bank of Angara. This unique museum will tell you about the daily life of the people in this region in the past. Spend some free time strolling through Irkutskaya Sloboda before you will board your train in the evening.
Your "Imperial Russia" train keeps traveling through Siberia. Today enjoy your stay onboard to reflect on cities you have already visited. You may want to spend your time having a drink at the bar with your fellow travelers, or you might stay in your cabin and follow the changing scenery. Wooden houses, birch forests and if lucky enough some sun rays over mountain landscapes will greet you. Onboard staff will invite you for a talk on Trans-Siberian railway and for a live violin concert. Enjoy the relaxing day in anticipation of the next stop!
We arrive in Novosibirsk, the very heart of Siberia, & start our tour of the city in the vicinity of the railway station with the visit to the local railway museum dedicated to the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway. After lunch break the city tour will take us to the embankment of the Ob river, main squares and streets of the most Soviet city on our itinerary. The local Opera House that stands out among local sites, will impress you with its monumental architecture, and is known as the biggest theater building in this country. Board the train & enjoy your dinner tonight onboard!
Today we arrive in Yekaterinburg & start our discovery of this city that is closely connected with the family of the last Russian Emperor. During the tour, you will visit the memorial Church on the Blood to commemorate the tragic events that took place in this city. After lunch in downtown, we continue our visit. An absolutely must see is a memorial that marks the borderline between Europe & Asia. You will have an opportunity to be in both continents at the same time & keep the memory of it taking pictures. In the evening, we board the "Imperial Russia" train. Tonight enjoy your dinner onboard!
Upon arrival in Kazan, once the capital of the Tatar Khanate you will depart for a city Tour to explore the Old Kazan. Today, in the White Kremlin of Kazan, a new mosque rises in the immediate vicinity of a Christian cathedral. Enjoy the spectacular folklore program that will give you an insight into the Tatar national epic. We invite you to taste local cuisine while lunch & follow cooking demo revealing the secrets of Tatar cuisine. Later this afternoon you board your train & continue your trip. Tonight enjoy your dinner onboard!
After breakfast, you leave "Imperial Russia" train and enjoy the panoramic tour of Moscow that gives you an idea of the capital's dimensions. Explore the Red Square, the very heart of Moscow, with picturesque St. Basil’s Cathedral or enjoy the ride in Moscow subway with the stations that are more likely to be underground palaces. You will be impressed by the spectacular Cathedral of Christ the Savior or stunning view of Moscow standing on the Lenin Hills with your back towards Moscow University and other historical sites. After lunch in the city, continue to the Kremlin, one of the best-known monuments in Russia and in the world. The guided tour takes you inside the former residence of the Russian Tsars. Enjoy some time in downtown strolling along the ancient Arbat Street with its numerous cafes, souvenir shops. Today you will lodge in one of the hotels of Moscow.
After breakfast you will be transferred to the airport from where you start your travel home. Your exciting "Imperial Russia" train journey will certainly stay in good memory for a long time.

Please note! Tour program changes are possible. For more information please contact our managers.

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